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About Us

Our customer service promise is simple - we treat our clients with the respect and empathy we know that they deserve.

Talent Today is a specialist video recruitment agency based in the West Midlands with over 20 years’ experience. We have invested in the best video technology to empower our clients to make confident decisions. We challenge the status quo by using video technology from the very beginning of the recruitment journey, streamlining the process while championing the people that we work with. 
We work with a diverse range of clients who match our values and passion to bridge the gap between businesses, their culture, and the talented people that power them to make big changes in the world. It is our unique insight into the issues faced by the UK job-searching community and our passion for equal opportunities recruitment that allows us to provide a truly advisory video recruitment service.
Our recruitment experience focuses on both permanent and contract placements, ensuring that both the talent-searching and the job- searching client receive the best level of client care.
Building a diverse workforce is not only a social responsibility for our clients' it is essential in responding to the increase in the UK skills shortage. We have embedded this ideology within our process to ensure that you can trust that your Talent Today experience is fair and inclusive.
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C.O.D.E is our superpower

It is what guides our decisions and empowers us to deliver a superbly human service to our clients.

We believe in the power of #Community

When we say community we mean building and encouraging caring and supportive communities who inspire each other to achieve great things. We mean uniting to build with the long-term in mind to deliver innovative solutions to problems that are bigger than us. 

We believe in the power of #Opportunity

When we say opportunity we mean our commitment to creating equal opportunities in the recruitment industry. We mean challenging conventional ideas in order to better meet the needs of our communities. Nobody should be the underdog by default.

We believe in the power of #Diversity

We won't settle. We know that its people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and backgrounds that strengthen teams. We have a broader responsibility to the world in which we live and work and are invested in driving transformational change.

We believe in the power of #Empathy

When we say empathy we mean listening with both ears and treating people with empathy, respect, dignity, and kindness at every opportunity. We mean valuing humanity, passion, and personality.

We believe in people. We embrace individuality and we celebrate differences.